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The School2Home Implementation Guide is designed to help schools integrate technology into teaching, learning and parent engagement to improve student outcomes and achieve academic excellence.  Interested schools should consider working with district and community partners to help them with this endeavor.  The Implementation Guide provides a short description of each of the School2Home 10 Core Components as well as recommended implementation steps and customizable tools and templates to make the process easier. 

Before launching School2Home, review the description of each of the Core Components and become familiar with the overall program.  Keep the broader perspective in mind as you develop a vision and a plan that meets the unique needs of your school.  A successful School2Home implementation requires attention to all of the components, and a lack of consideration to any single element may hinder your achieving overarching goals.  

School2Home strongly recommends implementing all 10 Core Components to maximize success. However, some schools may be readier than others as determined in the planning phase.  Adjustments may, therefore, be in order.  Alternate scenarios are provided in the Leadership, Assessment and Planning Core Component.  Education leaders need to develop their unique vision and plan for closing the Digital Divide and the Achievement Gap in their community.

School2Home provides an opportunity to improve student outcomes and provide them with the resources and skills they need to keep their paths to opportunity wide open.  We look forward to hearing about your success.

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"Since coming to Central Middle School four years ago, I have been consistently impressed with the tangible rewards of the School2Home partnership. Through School2Home, our teachers have received targeted professional development that builds their capacity to leverage technology to make learning engaging and innovative. We are grateful to the California Emerging Technology Fund and School2Home for their support as we strive to close the digital divide and give parents and students the access that all families deserve." 

Shani Dahl, Central Middle School Principal

School2Home 10 Core Components

Guidance on how to build a School Leadership Team to assess needs, identify needed resources, and assess the implementation effort for future improvements.

Tools and guidance for providing a digital device for every student to use at school and home including systems for procurement, inventory, management, maintenance and replacement.

Guidance and resources (8 Learning Modules)  to develop a professional learning plan that enhances teachers use of technology in ways that lead to higher-order levels of student knowledge and engagement.  Also provides strategies for engaging parents in a culturally-competent manner.

Information on the importance of providing instructional technology coaching to teachers that complements their subject-matter expertise and helps them implement strategies presented in the Professional Learning sessions.

A comprehensive approach to engaging parents as valued learning partners, including the provision of 6 foundational Parent Workshops focused on the technology their child uses, home-school communications, Internet resources and digital citizenship.

Ideas for selecting establishing an elective class or after-school club to bolster technical support digital content development for the school community.

A curated selection of online resources to help teachers, students and families maximize learning anytime, anyplace.

Ideas for how to build partners and school improvement networks to increase the impact of School2Home through peer-to-peer engagement.

Guidance and tools for working with parents who have not previously subscribed to a high-speed broadband plan. 

Tips and tools for developing and implementing an evaluation process to facilitate continuous improvement by using data to inform decisions.

"School2Home has provided our school with training and strategies that benefit all our stakeholders. Most notably, the parent engagement strategies make a positive difference in informing and teaching our parents about the many of the resources available to them. As we faced the need for virtual engagement, School2Home made it possible for our parents to continue to be informed and involved in their children's education.  Empowered by their ability to access digital information, parents feel valued as important members of the School Family."Salvador Velasco, Edison Middle School Principal