In addition to this Implementation Guide, the School2Home website offers additional resources for teachers, parents, and students.  School staff often appreciate seeing how other schools with similar demographics have customized their professional learning and parent training content.  The School2Home website is regularly updated with resources other interested schools can use.  In addition, the website contains webinars highlighting how schools have successfully navigated challenges implementing the Core Components and overcoming specific challenges.   The Leadership Team should become familiar with these resources, use them, and share them with others.  As well, the Leadership Team may wish to develop a place on their school website or Learning Management System where they can place their curated resources.


Below, you can find videos and projects from our partner schools and districts.  You can also find School2Home webinars, recorded parent trainings, and tech resources.


Recorded Teacher Professional Learning Modules


Training Videos on Technology Tools

  • Google Docs
  • Gmail: English
  • Specific LMS


District Provided Materials for Parents and Teachers

Below are additional resources from the districts of School2Home Partner Schools.  While the links below are focused on the parent or technology pages of the district websites, however, the district sites are filled with valuable information for parents, students, teachers and staff.