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The Learning Academies Core Component involves the provision of timely meetings of the partner School Leadership Teams.  These meetings, which are sponsored by CETF, enable participants to share best practices and learn from one another.  They also encourage individuals to pursue personal learning, share their experiences, find new allies and resources, and build a network.  This approach to ongoing leadership development allows principals, teachers, and support teams to master tools and implement strategies to bolster their transition to productive digital learning environments.

Annually, School2Home hosts three leaders from each school at the statewide Leadership Academy.  Academy sessions highlight in-progress “successes” at a school, district, or region.  It provides a structured environment where school participants can interact with each other, with School2Home staff, and with national and state education leaders.  Time is provided for School Leadership Teams to review and refine their implementation plans and share their “Top 5 Action Items” with all participants.

In addition to the annual Leadership Academy, School2Home facilitates Regional Collaborative Meetings and provides structured and open collaboration opportunities.  In this smaller setting, individuals can become better acquainted with colleagues who work in geographic proximity.

School2Home recommends that schools implementing School2Home without CETF support contact their district leaders or County Offices of Education to seek assistance in conducting similar convenings with schools in their area.  The learning communities extend professional learning, facilitate cross-school collaboration, and provide valuable leadership training critical to sustaining School2Home and building future leaders.

Implementation Process

Contact the School District and Office County of Education.

Contact the School District and Office County of Education. The District or County Office of Education can help identify other schools in the area implementing School2Home or another technology initiative.

Secure a Meeting Location

Secure a Meeting Location. Ideally, convenings occur outside the school setting to provide an environment conducive to a rich dialogue, learning, and collaboration without interruptions. Increasingly, however, meetings are being held online.

Identify and Invite Speakers or Presenters

Identify and Invite Speakers or Presenters. Instructional technology and education leaders can be valuable speakers to present needed topics using a creative and dynamic approach to integrate technology into teaching and learning. Convenings that include breakout sessions organized around a Core Component, e.g., Professional Learning, Parent Engagement, or around a content area, e.g., best practices in math, have been well-received.

Conduct the Meetings

Conduct the Meetings. Contact the School District and Office County of Education. Sample agendas and materials from School2Home Academies provided below to stimulate ideas for your convenings.


Evaluate. To continue meeting the needs of participants, it is smart practice to ask each of them to complete a short survey. The survey should enable participants to evaluate the session presentation and content and also allow them to provide suggestions for meetings including topics, speakers, and format.